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Arduino Mega 2560 Sensor Station Code



Arduino mega 2560

Arduino mega sensor shield v2.4

Arduino Ethernet Shield V2.1


analog sound sensor V2

gas sensor V2

LM35 temperature sensor

magnetic sensor V2

digital piranha red led module v2

digital piranha blue led module v2


small size phillips head screw driver

hot glue gun with hot glue

Current Issues

-Need a comparison table to compare sensor readings to an average reading

-Temperature sensor reading is correct until it heats may need a resistor or capacitor in the circuit to allay circuit heating affecting the read temperature

-Infrared range sensor is only reading high or low

    -A possible solution to this may be to use an analog pin for the reading instead

the magnetic sensor requires a magnet to be very close in order to take a reading...this may make it a poor choice for a sensor station, but a possibility for a hand held sensor meter

the sound sensor measures the average sound waves of a certain period of time

    -A possible solution may be found by connecting the sound sensor to an analog pin and measuring over short time periods

Lesson Learned

1. The Parralax software allows you to easily record the arduino sensor data

2. Using some of the sensors effectively may require more electronics work than a direct hookup to the Arduino board - capacitors, transistors etc.